Hello There

I'm David Gelez.
I am a VFX artist


More About Me

I'm a VFX artist in Québec, Canada. I'm currently studying at the NAD(numerical art and design) university (Montréal). My interests are simulation and compositing.

A little backstory

For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of working for movies, television, or anything that was evolved with visual effects. I never thought that it would be possible for a simple mortal like me but everything changed when I went to CEGEP.

I discovered my passion for 3D when I was studying in Multimedia. The first time I used a 3D software and made a cube move, I fell in love with CGI. It was my new obsession and to this day, I'm still hooked! I always try to learn new techniques and software to improve myself.

I've Got Some skills.

  • I know Maya and Blender
  • Nparticles, M.A.S.H
  • I use Adobe Premiere
    Video Editing
  • I use After Effects


See My Latest Projects.

Click for the full images, videos and descriptions

WereWolfGirl27 loading screen

Looping loading screen

Role - Modeling,Shading,Rendering,Compositing | Software - Blender, After Effects

For fun, I made a looping loading screen for the streamer WereWolfGirl27. I created the 3d version of her logo, came up with the video aesthetic concept, and made some motion design.

Disco Cube


Role - all aspect | Software - Maya, After Effects, Adobe Premiere

I wanted to explore Nparticles and Mash. So I combined them both in this project by creating some kind of a portal.

Kessé J'en Pense

Greenscreen experiment

Role - all aspect | Software - Maya, After Effects, Adobe Premiere

I wanted to experiment with greenscreen and compositing. So from this, I created my french web series Kessé J'en Pense. I used a puppet as my show animator because I thought it was interesting looking and funny.

Decorative Fountain


Role - all aspect | Software - Blender, Adobe Premiere

I wanted to learn more about water simulation in Blender. So I made a decorative fountain to test it out.

Man Cave

3D scene creation

Role - all aspect | Software - Maya, After Effects, Adobe Premiere


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